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01-10-04 - 1:36 p.m.

My Mom is singing to herself, "Finally getting rid of her," while my Dad just said, "We're ditching the bitch." They're joking, but they seem a little too glad that today I'm moving in with Bat -- probably just for the rest of the month. It's a trial period to see if we can live together. My parents going overboard, telling me I have to take all the vegetarian dry and frozen food we got, which incidentally is a lot. They've been so excited it feels like they're pushing me out the door. After all, Bat decided "yes" just last night.

I've been half wondering if there is a relationship intimated in me moving in, wondering what I'll do with myself there, anxious and excited in general. I won't have the internet except at school -- I'm sure that should be good for me. My first day back will be Monday. I'll wake up on a mattress in his apartment for my first day and I must be forgetting somethign. This could be the craziest idea ever, but it could be brilliant.

Yesterday Bat's sister had her baby girl, Mary. According to Bat "she can already speak a few words...strange ones. I think she knows 'fashionable', 'desk', and 'Rapunzel'." I don't know why, but I really anticipated the birth of this baby even though I haven't seen Bat's sister since her third month or so.

That's about it.



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