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02-09-04 - 4:24 p.m.

It took me a week to convince Bat to take me to Paul's birthday party. He's a skinny hippy guy I know vaguely and I was invited over friendster. I was enough of a dope to get very excited. I thought I'd know no one else there, but shortly after arriving I ran into Jean. Jean is a bit closer to a friend , albeit one I talk to only on the quad. He was mighty surprised to see me at the party, which was mainly gay men and a few token roommates. The fact that I was there seemed to signify to him that I was "in the club". He seemed five times as delighted as usual. It turns out Bat and I both liked his boyfriend, a photojournalist. I've liked Jean since I met him -- he's intelligent and forward and a crazy European. He "flames" in a way that is not a "scene" cliche but an authentic expression of eccentricity. Lately it's been difficult for me to make honest-to-God friends. I am sick of begging for conversation whilst smoking cigarettes on the quad. Jean took my number, and I hope he uses it.

I enjoyed the multilingual chatter between the French and German majors. And a few men there were so friendly with me, I would think them flirts if I didn't know otherwise! Paul and Jean both seemed appopriately excited that I was there, summoning me at times to give me a hug or talk to me, and asking me to stay. It's hard to get tired of being treated like that.

One big thing about the party though: it turned out to be The. Gayest. Party. Ever. Wait, I wouldn't know, would I? I've never been to a party with more than a few gay men. But I never would have imagined it. First off, the Cardigans. No beer, but lots of flavored malt beverages. Gay jokes told by gay men bouncing off the walls. Dry compliments given to women fawning over men. Sober men dancing. Wait, wait, isn't that music frighteningly close to DISCO? After Bat and I walked out of the part we looked at each other and laughed, not out of spite but awkwardness. Beyond the fact that we were both perfect strangers to the group, we had the new experience of being part of the HETEROSEXUAL MINORITY!

A bunch of his friends were fecking adorable, too. They have slight builds and pouty faces. I want to bring one home, like a puppy. Tell the guy who was sitting next to me to call me up if he "changes his mind."

I use that phrase in a fantastical sense, although he did say he liked my hair.



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