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02-27-04 - 12:15 p.m.

I was considering making this monumental entry of lists, or somethign similarly crazy, to commemorate the 200ness of this entry, but such a project never got completed. Following is a fragment from my attempts. There is a guilty pleasure in making lists of things you dislike.


(1) racists, (2)wedgies, (3) powerpoint presentations, (4) mustard, (5) people cracking their knuckles, (6) people who don't respond when you say hello, (7) dogs that try to knock me over,(8) almost everything George Bush says, (9) poop humor, (10) fancy restaurants without vegetarian options, (11) elitism (12) teachers that take attendance, (13) Rush Limbaugh, (14) taste of beer, (15) pants with thongs showing, (16) diet sodas, (17) teen movies, (18) family sitcoms, (19) evangelists, (20) "macho macho" men.

Nothing really is happening. My life is marked largely by the very smallest or most ordinary pleasures:

  • bundled up outside, drinking coffee mixed with hot chocolate, smoking a wakeup cigarette on the first snow day in years
  • i am often looking online to help him find a stray kitten -- because looking at kittne pictures and thinking about snuggling with them is SOO much better than many other things.
  • I said, "I get insecure because I'm a bird and I want to build a little nest." He turned and kissed me and we both laughed.
  • so psyched about learning I take bunches of notes on things I don't need to know, fill margins with words to look up and silly ideas
  • being comfortably drunk, in private, feeling tender and free and safe -- waking up with him in the morning makes me feel that way, too
  • taking a private moment to get myself off -- sometime's it's so good I think I'd give up sex for it if I had to
  • cuddling up so that I feel locked with Him, as if nothing could take him away, faces nestled together . . . when He had to get up for school I dreamt He was still there



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