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03-10-04 - 2:55 p.m.

It looks like the guilt didn't bowl me over after all. All I did was play a game of spin the bottle. . . No intentions and very little consciousness were included on my part, in fact, at one point Victoria was simply holding me in place so I couldn't run away. . . So here we are, nearing the little end of our "fake Anytown vacation" which included:

  • a refreshing visit to the zoo on my dollar ($35 for two adults, sheesh) which provided a close encounter with a giraffe and reminded me what the smell of the elephant house is like. I saw an orangutan with her baby holding onto her fur for dear life. How human the babboon looked on the other side of the glass, her arms folded nervously!
  • The contemporary museum, which was mainly beyond my interest. I enjoyed the set of over 200 waterolors showcasing aquamarine anatomically abstract people with Freudian penises like candles, hearts extending from bodies, wombs like galaxies.
  • Going to a cementery in East Anytown from the 1850s, reflecting on not having experienced a real and painful loss of a friend... and being chased by an attack duck, from whom I literally turned and ran, Bat following and laughing all the way.
  • Foods eaten include: cheese biscuits. Veggie pizza. Salmon / ciabatta sandwich with purple grapes and basil salad. Fried mushroom onion sandwich. Strawberry orange smoothie. And I already gave in and had a glass of wine, after too much thinking and talking and...the guilt, the fear, ugh. I'll deal with it all later when not on vacation.
  • I developed a large dispute with Finnegan. You'll discover quickly that some cat's are cuter than you (despite the fact you have breasts) and two people and one cat don't fit on a bed very comfortably (especially when they're trying to bang) and apparently Finnegan thinks it's cut eto try and nestle between Bat's legs at those times. (And then as luck would have it, the next morning a telemarketer calls right as we're goin at it.) Apparently a blockade across the door is just perfect for a cat to jump over. When she fell asleep on my lap for the first time ever . . . all was forgiven.
  • love.



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